A number of organisations and association in Tunisia commemorated the Israeli attack on the PLO headquarters in Bin Aroos, south of the Tunisian capital, 30 years ago.

Dozens of members of the National Committee for Supporting Arab Resistance and Fighting Normalisation, Tunisian Human Rights League, Tunisian General Labour Union, and the Popular Front, stood in front of the memorial in the city of Hammam Chott. They chanted slogans such as “Palestine is Arab; no to sell out solutions” and “with our blood and souls, we will protect Palestine”.

On 1 October 1985, Israeli planes launched an airstrike against the PLO headquarters in the city of Hammam Chott in the state of Bin Aroos. This resulted in the death of 50 Palestinians and Tunisians and caused the destruction to the city’s residential areas.

During this commemoration, statements were distributed by the participants condemning normalisation with Israel and demanding that it be outlawed in the Tunisian constitution. The statements also praised the UN decision to raise the Palestinian flag on Wednesday at its headquarters.

The Tunisian Human Rights League and the Tunisian General Labour Union issued a joint statement saying that “the failure of the successive governments following the 17 December 2010 Revolution to outlaw normalisation is a disappointment to the Palestinian cause and the democratic movement in Tunisia.”